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Digital File Update Notification
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Digital File Update Notification

Product Information
If any of you are at all like me, you always think of things you wished you'd added to a mod or script before you offered it up for sale. So you go and rewrite or add in more features which gives you a better product. But now how do get that mod out to all the people who've already purchased the original version? This mod does it for you!

When run, it will find all your digital files, tell you how many have been sold and when the original file was last updated. You can pick any one of them to notify customers about. You then decide whether to notify ALL purchasers or only the ones who bought it before you updated the version on the server. You set how long to give them to download the update and hit the button. That's it!

You can also include an optional extra custom message to explain why this version is better than the original, etc.  The e-mail will work just fine with or without the extra message.

The script sets them up a fresh download with your default number of attempts and an expiration of your choosing. I'd suggest 7 days minimum. When they originally purchased, they were expecting a download e-mail from your store. With an update, they may not be around their e-mail for a few days, so give them some extra time.

The script will send an e-mail to each purchaser explaining that what they bought has been updated and they are free to download the update. This can be especially useful for those of us CubeCart Mod Programmers who have to keep our mods up to date to accommodate Al's releases.

Digital File Update / Customer Notification Screen Shot

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