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Bulk Product Manager
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Bulk Product Manager

Product Information

The Bulk Product Manager marks a whole new era for CubeCart store owners by giving them the control over their product database that they've always wanted, but could never get.

This package is the much-anticipated successor to my Bulk Import Module which has helped people upload hundreds of thousands of products to their stores.  Now with the BPM, you can not only upload new products, but change any or all of your existing products!  You just export part or all of your database, edit the exported file, upload it to the server where the BPM will process it and apply any changes you've made.

Best of all, it reads and writes Excel files directly!  No more fighting with HTML descriptions in your text file.  Excel will handle just about anything you can throw at it!

Of course the BPM features the same fail-safe backup which helped make the Bulk Import Module so popular.  So you don't have to be concerned about making mistakes.  If something doesn't go right, click the restore link and you're back to where you started.  It couldn't get much easier than that.

For quick changes, there's also an online update feature which lets you make adjustments on the fly.

The BPM also greatly simplifies putting products into more than one category by letting you specify your desired categories in one field.

Note: this does work with both CubeCart Version 3 & 4!

As with the Bulk Import Manager, the BPM is encoded and uses a custom license key system to lock the package to one domain.  What's different is I've built a license key manager into the store.  So once you've purchased, you can view your account, click "Manage License Keys" then generate/view any keys you have.


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